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Sep 9, 2015
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Getting To Know Malaga Airport

Set in a suburb outside Malaga Centre, Malaga Airport is the hub for Andalucia.

With Spain being central to European early holidays it was important to setup an airport that could serve the potential influx of holiday and visitors to southern Spain.

Served by several major transport links Malaga Airport is now widely recognised and one of the leading modern airport in Spain.

Accessed frequently by private minibus services, trains, public buses, Malaga Centre and its new terminal is a wonder to see in full flow during the peak August months.

My experiences of Malaga and it’s surrounding areas is a hugely positive one. I have accessed Maria Zambrano Train station and used Renfe services to access Madrid in less than 2 hours 45 minutes. There is a direct link from Sol, Madrid to Malaga.


Once in Malaga Zambrano there are trains that run every 20 minutes that are one stop from the centre of Malaga to Malaga Airport.

There are buses that run frequently from the airport to the popular tourist destinations like Marbella, Puerto Banus and Benalmadena.


Malaga international airport as it is now known started back in 1919 when on the 9th march an engineer by the name of Pierre Latecoere and pilot named Lemaitre flew over Malaga looking for a place to land he chooses a farm called El Rompedizo  owned by Feliz Assiego the farmer sees the plane a Salmson 2A landing and greets the engineer and pilot and welcomes them to his house for dinner little did he know this was the start of something very special for Feliz Assiego  and Malaga.

Pierre Latecoere agrees a deal to use the farmers land but there are problems with the Spanish government who were a suspicious about the reasons for the new airport why should they let a French company use Spanish land to provide a service. Pierre Latecoere friend General Aeropostale negotiated with the Spanish government in Madrid and after months of haggling the governor of Madrid gave permission for Pierre Latecoere to operate from Spanish territory.

Pierre Latecoere was looking to use Malaga to fly commercial flights between France and French colonies then hopefully onto the south Americas.minibus goes on the city street

On the 1st September 1919 the first flights began between Malaga, Barcelona, Alicante, Toulouse, Tanger, and Cassablanca.

In 1936 on the 18th July civil war breaks out in Spain and under the leadership of Don Abelardo Moreno Miro of the Republican army takes over Malaga airport under his control.

General Franco ultranationalist fraction took control of Malaga and Malaga airport on the 18th February 1937 uses it for logistical purposes.

Franco uses Malaga airport in 1938 to train his forces and flight crews using planes such as the Junkers JU-52, the Heinkel HE-46, and the Bucker BU-131. General Mussolini an Allie from Italy became very friendly with General Franco and this resulted in Italian airline Ala Littoria running a flight service to and from Malaga.

After the war which ended in 1939 Malaga airport stayed under control of the military until 1946 when General Franco begins to offer national and international service complete with customs officers.

In 1960 Malaga airport expanded because of the boom in tourism from all over Europe to the sunny Costa del sol it received a new control tower and new passenger terminal.

1965 the airport officially change its name from El Rompedizo after the farm it was built on to Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport.

Malaga airport receives a radar system in 1970.

1972 June 30th Malaga airport opens a new terminal (1) building to cope with the growing number of tourists.

In 1973 the Spanish air force base leaves Malaga airport .

A new building was opened to cope with the ever increasing tourist trade on the 30th November 1991 and called The Pablo Ruiz Picasso terminal (2).

Terminal 3 opens on the 15th may 2010 it covers 250,000 square meters.

2012 a second runway opens at the cost of 472 million Euros it will see flight traffic increase from 37 flights per hour to 72 per hour.